Contoh Kata Sambung/Conjuction Dalam Bahasa Inggris

Belajar Bahasa Inggris IndonesiaContoh Kata Sambung/Conjuction Dalam Bahasa Inggris Apa itu conjunction? Dalam bahasa Indonesia adalah kata
sambung/penghubung yang berfungsi untuk menghubungkan satu kalimat
dengan beberapa kalimat atau frase dengan frase. Kata sambung bahasa inggris/
contoh conjunction yang sering dipakai dalam percakapan atau teks
berbahasa Inggris adalah for, as, because, but, and, or, if, although

Contoh Kata Sambung Dalam Bahasa Inggris

Kata Sambung Dalam Bahasa Inggris / Conjunction

kata sambung dalam bahasa inggris / Conjunction dibedakan menjadi dua macam menurut fungisnya yaitu subordinating conjunction dan coordinating conjunction.

  • 1. Subordinating Conjunction

Conjunction / kata sambung dalam bahasa inggris
jenis ini berfungsi untuk menghubunkan antara induk kalimat dengan anak
kalimat. Kata penghubung yang termasuk dalam tipe ini adalah:

Conjunction Contoh conjunction dalam Kalimat
Who The girl who is reading a novel is my sister
Which I love that picture which can make me happy
Where The teacher knows where the students are hiding.
Why Mom doesn’t know why the washing machine is not working.
How Dad knows how to fix a car
That -Rob realized that it’s not his fault-The wallet that is brought by him is gone.
While Uncle Sam is gardening while Patsy takes a nap
Whether I don’t know whether it’s right or wrong
Before I had locked the door before I left the house
Although, though I have to attend the lectures although it’s going to rain
Since We have had in a relationship since in high school.
So that -You are so beautiful that everybody’s attracted to you.-Harry has to study hard so that he can pass the national exam
Until You have to wait until the bus comes.
As -Coolie fell down the stairs as he tried to get down
After I directly go to campus after taking a bath
As if She talks  as if knowing everything
In order that You need to smile in order that she likes you.
Once Gary called his girlfriend once he got a badnews
Beause of + (noun phrase)Because + (S+V) -My roommate is screaming because of the sudden dark.-She did not come today because she is sick.
Unless You may sign the attendance list unless you come on time
If I won’t give them a mercy if I were you.
Than You’d better find the solution soon than complaining.
As long as You’re allowed to live here as long as you pay the monthly fee.
  • 2. Coordinating Conjunction

Conjunction / kata sambung dalam bahasa inggris tipe ini berfungsi
untuk menggabungkan dua kalimat yang berkedudukan sama dan terletak di
antara kalimat/klausa yang dihubungkan.

Conjunction Contoh conjunction dalam kalimat
And She’s smart and pretty I think.
But My brother is mischievous but diligent.
Or You want money or prize?
However The fuel cost is rising up however the public transportation cost won’t make any change.
nevertheless The tuition fee is increasing each year, nevertheless the rector won’t let the students get difficulties in their study.
therefore It’s hard to earn money therefore you have to save more money.
for I did not withdraw the money for the bank was closed
yet Rudy loves to eat a lot yet he doesn’t grow bigger.
so The shop offers a great sale so there are numerous of customers come to it.
Both…and….. Both of you and me are rivals
Neither..nor.. Neither my parents nor my friends do not care to me.
Either…or…. Either Gaby or Jennifer is a good girl
Not only…. But also… Kim is not only talkative but also funny.

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